Braylon Edwards calls Jets Front Office Idiots and then Gets Released by ‘Hawks

Braylon Edwards calls Jets Front Office Idiots and then Gets Released by ‘Hawks

Former Jets Wide Receiver, Braylon Edwards thought he was tweeting to support a former QB he used to play for by standing up for him on twitter.  He could have just ended his tweet by saying he felt bad but went to the next level by calling the current Jets front office, and the one that didn’t resign him, IDIOTS.

A Jets fan saw the tweet and replied to the Seahawks WR this morning.  He was then called “retarted”.  The tweets spread around the internet and then an apology came out of no where.  Hours after the apology, we learned he was cut Seattle.  Karma my friend, Karma.

Mikehahahaha @OfficialBraylon yeah so is Brady Quinn right? Hahahah your terrible. 12/4/12 3:37 AM
OfficialBraylon @Mikehahahaha I appreciate your tweet. It lets me know that even retards can function twitter. 12/4/12 3:42 AM

The Apology

OfficialBraylon I would like to apologize to the Jets family and my fans for my emotional outburst. Mark is a friend and former teammate, who I… 12/4/12 1:52 PM
OfficialBraylon …wholeheartedly support. Nonetheless, I have disrespected and insulted an administration that I have the utmost respect for. 12/4/12 4:34 PM

So why would the Jets sign a guy who just called them IDIOTS about their QB situation, namely Mark Sanchez.  Do they really think that will solve the problem and stop the bleeding.  The Jets have 4 games left in this crazy season.  I would laugh my you know what if they did sign him and honestly it wouldn’t surprise me.  NOTHING can surprise me about the 2012 Jets anymore.