What I think Rex Ryan should do with the QB Situation Next Week

What I think Rex Ryan should do with the QB Situation Next Week

The New York Jets have a new problem on their hand.  A QB Controversy.  No wait, they have always had one since that guy from the Broncos came in, what’s his name, oh yes Tim Tebow.

Rex Ryan has decided that no one is going to tell him how to run his franchise as a coach.  Not even disgruntled Tim Tebow fans and he made that perfectly clear yesterday when he pulled starter Mark Sanchez out of the game in the 3rd quarter against the Cardinals and inserted 3rd Stringer (2nd string for this game) Greg McElroy.

The cheers were deafening, I know, I was there….   “Mc…EL…ROY, MC…EL…ROY…”  In my opinion it didn’t matter what the backup was anymore, the fans were cheering for anyone other than Mark Sanchez.  If Kerley was the only option (who by the way was the emergency QB yesterday) fans would have been chanting him.

Rex may still believe in Mark Sanchez, but it is clear that he has lost Jets Nation and possibly his own way.  Fans want results and Mark Sanchez struggled against a team that frankly lost 7 games coming into yesterday’s match.

So now there is clearly a QB Controversy.  Leave it to the Jets to give the NFL a 3-way controversy, but here are my thoughts of what I THINK REX SHOULD DO vs. WHAT REX WILL ACTUALLY PULL THIS WEEK:


  • Declare Greg McElroy the Starter today.  Allow Greg to get all the first team reps so he can learn more plays and build chemistry with the other starters.
  • Make Mark Sanchez the backup #2.  I know this is risky because by doing this you are saying that Sanchez is or may be done as a New York Jets Starting QB for good.  A risk that owner Woody Johnson may not want his coach to take with the 2013 season and his guaranteed contract in the future.
  • Keep Tim Tebow inactive.  The special teams did fine without him.  If he still has a rib issue or not, keep him on the bench and inactive.  Having him dress and/or having 3 QBs dress puts more pressure on Greg or Mark.  Sorry Tebow fans, this guy needs to stay in the sweat suit.

Mark has completely checked out Mentally


  • Rex won’t name a starter until Wednesday.  He’ll say he’s pondering it over and will see how “practice” will go on Tuesday and Wednesday (even though I think his mind has been made up last night).
  • He’ll finally name Mark Sanchez the starter staying that he gives the Jets the best chance to win against the Jaguars (even thought they only have two wins).
  • He’ll keep Tim Tebow inactive saying that he things he still needs a week to heal, even though we know Tim could probably suit up.  I still believe Rex will die first before he puts Tim in as the starter.  We will NEVER see it Jets fans.
  • Greg McElroy will be the #2 again and I believe the same “short leash” will be on Mark, or even shorter.  First signs of a struggling Sanchez, and Greg will be inserted again.
  • I believe Rex will go with this strategy because the Jets are away and won’t have to deal with the craziness of the Jets reaction when Mark is introduced in the game as the starter.  I’m not convinced that Rex is convinced that Mark Sanchez is done…. We are close but I think he still names him the starter.


  • http://twitter.com/NYJETLIFE I’mNotFamous

    I agree that Rex needs to name McElroy the starter sooner than later. But, we all know what will happen #jets

  • http://twitter.com/Alhudson66 Adam Hudson

    I think Tebow will be active, since he is from Jacksonville, and will probably be a team captain.

  • Rachel

    As a big Tebow fan I think you’re quite right about what Rex SHOULD do. I want Tebow to have a shot but not while he’s injured. Sanchez should at least get some time with less spotlight and pressure before being thrown out there again. And Jets fans should want McElroy because Rex will make sure Tebow won’t be this team’s future… so you might as will give the extremely valuable game experience that remains to the QB who’s more likely to be sticking around.

    I also think your prediction about what Rex will actually do is quite possible– and that’s why I haven’t been able to become an enthusiastic Jets fan. It’s tough to root for an organization with so little accountability. I don’t mind a team being bad, if they’re scrappy and are trying everything they can to win as much as they can. But watching a team get stymied week after week by their own coach’s mysterious gut oracle is so demoralizing.

    I think it’s really interesting that Rex, talking about how hard it was to pull Sanchez, said that he’s often pulled guys on defense for being bad. And look how much better the defense is.

  • Iain

    I think Sanchez has shown all year that he can move the ball against suspect secondaries like Jacksonville, Tennessee, San Diego and Buffalo, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him play out the string.