The Five Stages of a Pissed off Jets Fan

The Five Stages of a Pissed off Jets Fan

I was putting together a story about a players’ wife talking smack about Jets fans and put out a tweet referring to the incident as “Stage 4″.  Someone liked the idea and wanted me to rattle off what the other stages were including a stage 5.

So on short notice and being that Jets nation is in a foul mood, why not poke fun at ourselves and try to laugh a little.

e_man We’ve entered stage four of the Jets mess: Fighting with players wives. Stage four everyone… stage four. Take cover. 11/29/12 1:32 PM
pAuLiE_bRuZ @e_man you have to create a list of all the stages with descriptions lol 11/29/12 1:35 PM

Stage 1:  Disgruntled.  Cursing.  Bad Mood.

This stage could occur on any given date on any given moment.  There doesn’t have to be a reason why a Jets fan can be in a mad mood.  Maybe a player they liked was cut, or a player they didn’t like was signed.  Maybe the Jets turned the ball over during the game.  Maybe the guy in front of you won’t sit down.

Don’t worry, Jets fans are Harmless in this stage.

It could be that your favorite Jersey smells like last night’s BBQ.  Again, it can be any reason any time.

Stage 1 happens constantly and shouldn’t alarm anyone from Jet land.

Stage 2:  Eating their Own.

Stop Hating me!

Jets fans will fight with each other in the stadium, online on twitter, in person at home.  This usually happens after or during a Jets loss (usually a bad loss).  When this happens during a bad season, it can get very ugly.

When it gets to stage 2, the extreme is that we toss our super fan of 25+ years overboard.  See the Fireman Ed story.    Those considering being Ed’s replacement, take my advice and run.

Stage 3:  Letting the Organization Know they are Messing Up.

This can come from fans calling in to radio shows, ranting screaming and demanding for “Insert Owner, GM, Player etc” ‘s Job.  Again, when it occurs in a losing season, you get a little bit more of intensity.  See “Jets’ Fans Heckling Players during Thanksgiving Video”.

This is also the stage where paper bags on heads show up to games, Facebook invites to boycott the Jets next home game and tweets to the @NYJETS account with some interesting phrases and words.

Sometimes the players attack back in this stage as well with their words.  Bart Scott is a perfect example by calling the hecklers’ dodgeball players.

Stage 4:  Taking the fight to the players family

Cro needs some tape for his wife, maybe.

Or in this case the fight came to the fan from a players’ wife, an example is when Antonio Cromartie’s wife voiced her lovely opinion and shared her true feelings about the Jets fans.

e_man We’ve entered stage four of the Jets mess: Fighting with players wives. Stage four everyone… stage four. Take cover. 11/29/12 1:32 PM

Stage 5:  TBD, I’ll let you know, but I’m guessing this one might involve a bar of soap and a belt.

This is where you get to participate.  In the comments section below, tell me what you think Stage 5 should be!


  • beecee71

    acceptance and moving on. nothing else will produce a positive.


    Stage 5 is when you burn all the Jets stuff you own and start rooting for KC

  • No Ring Circus

    I’m pretty sure it involves a clock tower.

  • AJ

    Step 5: turning your back on EVERY part of Jets football. Not watching the games, not wearing team clothing and totally ignoring every aspect that is the Jets!