Antonio Cromartie’s Wife Voices Opinion on Jets’ “True Fans” on Twitter

Antonio Cromartie’s Wife Voices Opinion on Jets’ “True Fans” on Twitter

It’s been an ugly week in Jets Nation, there is no doubt about that.  We all know that Fireman Ed Stepped down because of fan abuse, there was that Jets fan video heckling the players during halftime in the Thanksgiving game.  Bart Scott addressed the fans by reacting that we are not athletes so we better just shut up and now…..

Players wives voicing their opinion on the matter.  Buckle up.  This comes from Antonio Cromartie’s Wife:

iluvTERRICKA Some of y’all Fans ain’t shit..every team doens’t have true fans. If u gonna be a fan be loyal its rare but I do believe it exist 11/29/12 12:16 PM
iluvTERRICKA Philly, SD, Arizona, Detroit, Oakland St. Louis all hAve same record u don’t hear their fans what’s embarrassing is the lack of fans 11/29/12 12:24 PM
iluvTERRICKA I love the way our guys talk & i love our coach I don’t care I could be about 2 fight @FloydMayweather & i would go n talkn mad shit 11/29/12 12:37 PM
iluvTERRICKA It’s the shit talkin & the confidence going in that makes football so exciting some of y’all guys at like bitches when it comes to football 11/29/12 12:38 PM
iluvTERRICKA It’s ppl like u who I can’t fucking stand u pay our bills boy have a seat @SeditaJ u a band wagon fan but thanks for my red bottoms 11/29/12 12:41 PM

There were more tweets between fans but this should give you a taste of what’s being said.  The personal attacks (from both sides) continue probably as I write this.

My advice, get off of twitter.  I know you can voice your opinion but this won’t help things.  You are attached to the team because you are married to a player.  I know you are probably frustrated too, but Fans are going to react to this especially when they are pissed, and I do believe they are pissed.  Are they justified in taking personal attacks, no.  But They have a right to be pissed after reading this…



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