My Thoughts on the State of the New York Jets

My Thoughts on the State of the New York Jets

The New York Jets have pissed off a ton of people.  My twitter timeline is going bananas.  I see tweets of fans leaving the Jets, like saying they are no longer fans and then they pick a new team.  I see vile things being said directly to accounts of fans, players and just no one in general but to vent.

Fireman Ed couldn’t take the product put on the field yesterday as he left the game at halftime then what appears to be a b-line to his computer to delete his Twitter account.  People are saying nasty things about him now calling him a fraud.

Is this the last time we will see Ed for a while?

So how am I feeling about this team?  I’m frustrated but believe it or not, there is life after the Jets.  Because this is a Jets blog, and I’m considered a super fan, I’ll keep the topic to the Jets but my point is, I turned off the television last night went to bed, and now I’m enjoying my family.  There is life after the Jets, I hope you know that.

So now, sticking with the Jets, it is clear that this team is at an all time low.  This isn’t a playoff team.  This isn’t a good team.  We are looking at one of the worst teams in the league right now.  Hey that happens and I think die-hard fans know this feeling all too well.

I gave it some thought this morning about what went wrong (for the entire season) and here are my thoughts:

  • Rex is and has always been considered a players coach.  The problem with a player coach is that the players get too comfortable and in Rex’s case, he never likes to say anything to hurt their feelings.  You can mess up all you want and you will never lose your job.  Rex simply wants to be liked by all and as a head coach, you can’t do that.  He is a great defensive coordinator.  It’s apparent to me now that’s all he is.
  • I could dedicate a blog on the failures of Mike Tannenbaum and is inability to load up on talent.  It’s clear to me that the Jets rode the coat tails of the Mangini regime in 09′ and 10′.  Now that their regime is kicking in, you can see they have no clue on how to build a team.
  • Woody Johnson views this football team as a product.  Simply put, he’s a business man and he is trying to get his maximum return on his investment.  Unfortunately for the fans, we have to put up top dollar on tickets and PSLs for this product.  I hear fans saying we should boycott the games, but the people who bought the tickets already can’t just not go, or at least that’s how I feel.  I already spent top dollar and I’d rather go to the game than sit home and eat those tickets.  Maybe I’m in the minority.
  •   I think I could take the team losing if everyone would take accountability.  Noting grinds my gears more than when I hear the same thing being said about the poor play.  Just admit you stink.  It always seems that the Jets were given a script and they keep replaying the same scene.
  • Change.  You’ve heard the phrase of the definition of insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  The Jets are going insane.  Be it now or at the end of the season, I see a big change coming.  Someone or many need to get fired and it needs to come from Woody.  He needs to unleash his wrath if he wants to continue to get fans support and be taken seriously.  I’ll have more respect from Woody if he fires someone NOW.



  • beecee71

    I think today you come out and immediately fire Sparano. How do you run into Wilfork on short yardage? multiple times? It’s only to appease the masses because at this point, nothing the jets do this season really matters.

    • LIJetsFan

      Sorry but you’re wrong. I was listening to “Jaws” on ESPN radio this morning and he said that Sparano designed good plays, primary targets were getting open, and for some reason Sanchez checked down or didn’t see them. Despite stats, Sanchez is a loser and has to go.

    • Erik Manassy

      I don’t think Sparano is not a big enough message if you fire him. I think it needs to be Rex or you wait to the end of the season.

  • Ronnie Mirenda

    This team needs a complete overhaul. Headlines this morning should have read Rex is gone. His consistent faith in a horrible decision for QB has proven himself incapable of running this team. Sanchez gets beat up and limps around from play one, and he kept him behind center. NOT ONCE did we have a change under center. Sadly I Spent my money on games already this year and I can’t get them back. But I will not turn my back on my team. I have earned the right to be critical. As did Fireman Ed.

  • peteyopetey

    if you wait for Woody to make a good decision, you will grow old and grey. He is not a good judge of what makes a winner. In both football and the other arena he just lost in.