Fireman Ed Leaves the Game at Halftime; Takes Heat & Quits Twitter

Fireman Ed Leaves the Game at Halftime; Takes Heat & Quits Twitter

Fireman Ed has left the building, virtually AND at halftime in tonight’s game (if you want to call it that) with the New England Patriots.  The Jets were trounced 49-19 but when it was 35-3 at halftime, many fans confirmed that Ed left his seats and never came back.

I noticed he was getting a TON of heat on twitter and wanted to see what people were tweeting him and if he had replies but then found out that his account had been deleted.  Wow.

  • Ronnie Mirenda

    Jets fans have every right to be embarrassed and feel abandoned. Hell Woody, Rex and Mike T. have abandoned us. Tonight is the new high water mark for this franchise or rather LOW. Leon would be rolling in his grave if he saw this pathetic display tonight. I was actually hoping Kenny O’brein would show up tonight to save us some of the heartache. These selfish bastards need to be canned. Sanchez is not and will not be the answer for us. 6 games remain and we have two VERY talented QB’s sitting on the bench. All summer long we were promised a special addition to our offense with the ‘Tebow Specific’ wildcat. I’m still waiting for this most amazing game plan to be utilized… Just start working Bill Cowher into your vocabulary.

  • Shepslee

    I’m not a Jets fan, but I think Tebow should have been in games ago. Sanchez ‘s game video’s are nothing more than a giant collection of bloopers, and a really small collection of good videos. Hope life after Rex is better…X-REX.

  • Purple Hayes
  • Benz Guy

    “Fireman” Eddie is a joke period. I know many Jet fans that think he is a pure douchebag. Fact. I have no clue as to why they show him on tv or praise this guy. I didnt think real fireman has $$ and time to attend games when they are too busy in New York putting out fires. I am going to start dressing up as a turd and where a brown hate to all the browns games so they can say..he look its the turd. Then me and “Firemen” Eddie will have something in common. To all real fire fighters out there, I respect you guys! To Eddie, your a douche bag.