Hill Continues to Struggle while Kerley is Impressive

Hill Continues to Struggle while Kerley is Impressive

Rookie Stephen Hill seems to be having a rough go at his NFL career.  The rookie hasn’t had a big game since the first one vs. the Bills back in September.  I wrote an article that he was the “REAL DEAL”, and I still believe it.

Jeremey Kerley in his second year seems to be the go to guy for Mark Sanchez, and is having himself a nice year despite the Jets overall record.

So what can be the problem with Hill?  I’ve heard many theories like:

  • He played in an offense in college that didn’t utilize the receivers much for catching.  His main assignments were to block.
  • Hill is a rookie and is having a bad spell.  He’s a RAW talent.
  • Hill’s technique isn’t good.  He’s not extending his arms.

SportsGeek33 @e_man Stephen Hill’s catching technique is dreadful. Hands are in great position here; the arms are the problem. #Jets http://t.co/3qBcjSAd 11/19/12 12:55 PM
SportsGeek33 @e_man Hill’s lack of arm extension means he can’t cushion the ball. Hits his hands and comes out. #Jets http://t.co/Wtd6bg0Q 11/19/12 12:56 PM

janesports Ryan on Stephen Hill: “I was impressed with the way the young man blocked.” #Jets 11/19/12 12:12 PM

Stephen Hill was targeted just twice yesterday. One was a dropped pass and the other was a longer pattern where the wideout wasn’t able to find the ball amid the stadium lights.

It was his fourth game without a catch this season and another with a drop, a problem that seems to be compounding a bit with the talented rookie.

Rex Ryan, though, has not lost confidence.

“With Stephen, I will say this, I was impressed with the way the young man blocked, for us that’s a big thing,” Ryan said. “Has he lost some confidence, he dropped the ball or whatever, one thing I know for sure is we’re going to keep throwing it to him.

Kerley has been Impressive

TurnOnTheJets Jeremy Kerley now has 38 receptions for 578 yards, with a very impressive 15.2 yards per catch #Jets #Playmaker 11/19/12 10:56 AM
GreenLanternJet Schilens and Kerley are your starters. Only guys you can rely on. Schilens has not been bad at all all things considered. #Jets 11/18/12 3:02 PM
ConorTOrr WR coach Sanjay Lal said that route Kerley just ran is one of his strongest. Him and Sanchez have the timing down from the slot. #jets #nyj 11/18/12 2:14 PM