How much Blame Should be put on Rex Ryan’s Shoulders?

How much Blame Should be put on Rex Ryan’s Shoulders?

With the Jets season on the brink of complete failure at 3-6, this is probably the first time I see that Rex Ryan is under fire.  Rex is known as a “players coach” but lately the HC has been taken some fire.  In a recent poll of 103 NFL players, Rex was the winner of being labeled overrated.  Rex laughed it off, but a couple of days later, he was crying, literally, in the Seahawks visitors locker room.

I personally can’t put all the blame of the Jets season failures on Rex Ryan, but make no mistake, he’s part of the problem.  The players take their queues from you, Rex.  And we all know you LOVE your defense and probably look at the offense as a necessary evil.  Even Mark Sanchez said this week that when there were team meetings, you spoke to and about the D.  The Offensive players were wondering why they even need to be there.

Now I know that Rex made the correction this season, but this attitude has been in motion since Rex arrived in 2009.  Mark and the rest of the offense KNOW that Rex loves his D first.  Many pundits call Rex a great defensive coordinate who is “playing the role” of head coach.  I tend to agree more with this anemic offense but again I can’t put all the blame on Rex.

Twitter Reaction

damienwoody I’m a Rex Ryan guy, he can get it done! He needs to embrace offense & bring in an OC w/ a pedigree & someone who can develop a QB #nyj 11/11/12 9:48 PM
RealSkipBayless Rex Ryan and Tony Sporano continue to embarrass themselves using Tebow as a short-yardage battering ram. Not fair to him or Off-The-Mark. 11/11/12 5:53 PM
MMehtaNYDN Rex Ryan: “we’re sticking with mark… Because I believe we can win with Mark.”… So there will be no QB change this week #nyj 11/11/12 7:18 PM
jetswhispers Rex Ryan has a fatal attraction to Mark Sanchez, there is no other way around it. 11/11/12 5:07 PM

Woody Johnson, Mike Tannenbaum and Tony Sparano also deserve a lot of the credit for the struggles.  You also have to put the players in there as well with mental errors.  The drops, wrong routes missed tackles and fumbles are on the players.  No you can’t blame everything on one person, but Rex Ryan finally has a chink in his armor.

Rex Ryan needs to remain the coach, but there needs to be a major shakeup with personnel.  Here are some of my thoughts.

  • Mike Tannenbaum needs to go.  He has failed to bring in the talent and it seems that each year from the 2009 season, the team has gotten progressively worse.
  • There was a reason Tony Sparano was fired from the Dolphins in mid-season.  I don’t see Tony surviving after this season.
  • It is becoming clearer to me, and I stand by my words, that our future QB is on a H.S. field somewhere.
  • In a contract year, Dustin Keller is not making his case for the Jets to reward him with a long term contract.