Can the Jets Win in Seattle vs. the Seahawks and the 12th Man?

Can the Jets Win in Seattle vs. the Seahawks and the 12th Man?

Seattle is no easy place to play on the road with the Seahawks having the “12th Man” in their corner and I’ve been told it is a VERY loud place personally from people who have been there for a game.  Do I think the Jets can win today?  Anything is possible but if I must commit, I say we don’t come home with a win.

I hope I am wrong.


Here are the things I’m looking at closely for today’s match-up:

1.  Can the Jets handle the Noise?

The 12th man is famous, loud, and gives their team an advantage.  The Seahawks have already beaten Dallas, Green Bay, New England and Minnesota at home this season.  That’s impressive.  They are quiet of course when their team is on the field and did you know Russell Wilson hasn’t thrown an INT at home through 8 games.  Wow.

2.  The Former Jets.  Leon Washington and Braylon Edwards.

I have a feeling that Leon and Braylon are going to be giving just a little extra to remind the Jets brass and the fans what they are missing when they gave up on them.

The Jets traded Leon for a draft pick that later became John Conner (how’s that working out – he was cut weeks ago), and Braylon was just flat out dropped after the 2011 season.

e_man Still have @Leon_Washington in my man cave #jets 11/11/12 11:34 AM

3.  The Jets Run Defense vs. Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch has been officially in “Beast Mode”.   The Jets have the No. 30 rush defense in the league and Seattle is coming off a game last week where Lynch went for 124 yards  and  a TD.  This match-up alone has be so afraid.

You have to say that he is the hottest running back in the NFL.  Don’t think so?  Lynch has 1822 yards on the ground in his last 18 contests –the most in the NFL.  Yes, it’s BEAST MODE.

4.  Happy Birthday Mark, Now WIN and Kick Ass!

Happy Birthday Mark Sanchez.  26 years old and you are not longer an NFL youngin’.  Do you want to give yourself the best birthday present?  Win in Seattle.  Four years in the league and it’s time to turn this season around.

With some of the worst stats in the league, I’m still supporting you because you are my QB, but it won’t be for long if you don’t have one of the best games you have EVER HAD in your career.