Cro said Playoffs are a Go

Cro said Playoffs are a Go

Antonio Cromartie is a confident guy.  The New York Jets are typically confident, but it seems like they lost something in that department, that is, until this week.  Cromartie said the Jets will make the playoffs this year.  A bold prediction from a player on a team that is currently 3-5 and really haven’t shown the NFL or it’s fans that they can play with any consistency.

How do I feel about that statement?  I like it.  I actually said the same thing in this post, but hey, I’m just a blogger.  Who cares what I think.  I care that the team is showing some life.  Cromartie has stepped up his play on the field this year, with Revis going down for the season, and Antonio being vocal shows the team is alive.

Other players will take his queue and want to back him up.  Mo Wilkerson is such a player.  He backed Cro and now when more players speak up, they put themselves out there.

“The Jets will make the playoffs this year,” Cromartie told NFL Network’s “NFL AM” show. “We believe in each other, we believe in what coach Ryan and his staff is putting us to schemes and stuff, so we definitely are going to make the playoffs this year.”

“Yes, we will be playing postseason football this year, I can back up Antonio Cromartie’s comment.” ~ Mo Wilkerson

So with Cro making a statement, queue the jokes on twitter:

robinlundberg Antonio Cromartie said the Jets will earn a playoff berth. If anyone knows about births, it’s Cromartie. 11/9/12 6:22 AM
FauxJohnMadden Antonio Cromartie says Jets will make the playoffs, however in his defense, 13 of his kids play on youth football teams named the Jets. 11/8/12 12:12 PM
TheFakeESPN Cromartie says no matter how many barriers are stacked against them, his boys will make it through. Unclear if he’s talking about playoffs. 11/8/12 4:42 PM