Mark Sanchez in Toms River Helping Hurricane Victims

Mark Sanchez in Toms River Helping Hurricane Victims

Mark Sanchez tweeted today that he was going to Toms river to help the NJ residents of that area from Hurricane Sandy.  I saw many tweets that the New York Giants sent relief in dollars ($500,000.00) as well as players visiting.

I hope Mark Sanchez wasn’t the ONLY Jet to volunteer and it would be in bad form if the organization didn’t donate dollars.

Mark_Sanchez Heading to Toms River to help some fellow NJ residents #hurricanerelief 11/6/12 1:01 PM

Ocean County Fire Coordinator Chris Aldrich, Seaside Park Police Officers along with Major Leaguer Todd Frazier and NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez. Tonight, Frazier is at Toms River East Little League on Windsor Avenue helping with the recovery effort at the league’s drop off.

Boardwalk is destoryed, notice the Roller Coaster in the Ocean.

SI_PeterKing Congrats to Giants for donating $500,000 to relief efforts–and for sending a bus of players to help on Jersey Shore today. 11/6/12 3:04 PM
jadebalwierczak in all honesty I don’t think I can vote against the giants anymore… 11/6/12 6:55 PM
jadebalwierczak they came and helped out my home town in a time of need and it is greatly appreciated #goodlooks #newyorkgiants 11/6/12 6:55 PM
jadebalwierczak Mark Sanchez too! It really shows what great guys they are #hurricanerelief 11/6/12 7:01 PM
mercedeslilya My mom just told me that she met @Mark_Sanchez today… 11/6/12 6:22 PM


RiccoMachadoSon Ok from what I’ve heard Mark Sanchez is the only one who helped Sandy relief efforts while the Jets have done nothing…can anyone verify? 11/6/12 6:51 PM
Nurse511 @Mark_Sanchez love it Mark! So proud of my QB!! Everyone can do something! jersey thanks you 11/6/12 2:45 PM
JackSubers I would tell @Mark_Sanchez to come over and hangout but Sandy took my house 11/6/12 2:24 PM