My Bold Jets Predictions at the Bye

My Bold Jets Predictions at the Bye

I’m sitting here on a Sunday morning pondering the rest of the 2012 New York Jets season.  I’m seriously wondering if this team can turn it around and I hate to say it, but they need to do something drastic to kick start the post-bye campaign.  I’m going to be bold with my predictions.  Remember, BOLD.

Would I have predicted these events at the beginning of the season, heck no, but I believe if the Jets have any chance of making the playoffs, they know what they have to do.

My BOLD Predictions

  • Tim Tebow WILL replace Mark Sanchez at starting QB before the 2012 season.  Yeah I said it.  It’s inevitable.  I just don’t see the Jets running the table with Mark as QB and they definitely need a jolt of adrenaline and a major change.  Rex will succumb to owner Woody Johnson, and we will see Tim under center and Mark on the bench.
  • The Jets will make the playoffs.  The Jets are 3-5 and looking at the remaining schedule, they will play only one team that made the playoffs last year (the Patriots).  I think if the Jets make a major change, to send a message to the team (see above), then I believe that they would pull off 5-6 wins which may be enough to make the playoffs.
  • Mike Tannenbaum will be Fired  A lot of people are blaming Sanchez, Rex, Woody, you name it, but the finger needs to point to “Trader Mike”.  It seems like the last two years Mike has been off his game struggling to surround his QB with talent.  I know injuries happen, but the good GM’s have great depth.  If the Jets fail to make the playoffs this year, Mr. T is toast.
  • Dean Barbella

    At this point, I’d welcome – All of the Above. Yes, Sanchez can get better, and has had more weapons in the past. Yet, adversity reveals the man; and I see a QB that needs perfect running game, protection to be effective, which isn’s susstainable in this league. He was drafted and is paid to be an elite QB, like Manning(s), Big Ben and Brady, who can extend plays, read defenses and put the ball on the money to elevate the play of everyone around them. Sanchez is mediocre, and Tannenbum and QB Coach will be Fired!

  • oiboyz

    I wanted to believe the first choice, but I don’t think Sanchez is going to collapse, and that’s what it would take for Rex to make a QB change. The schedule will be easier and Sanchez will look better and tough it out. Then the Jets will ride out a mediocre, non-playoff season with him– that’s my guess. So I voted the third option.

    I know a lot of people are saying it now, but I never bought the rumor that Woody forced the Tebow trade (and will therefore force them to play him too). When it first went down, Tanny/Sparano/Rex (especially Rex) were loquacious in their predictions that he’d help the team, and I don’t think they would have talked so much if they were lying through their teeth and faking the enthusiasm. I think there’s some other reason or reasons they haven’t ended up using him much. I hope one day we’ll find out why.

    Anyway, thanks for the bold predictions. In sports it’s never as bad as it seems after a loss. This could be only the setup to a great story in the second half…