Jets Bye Week, What are the Players Tweeting?

Jets Bye Week, What are the Players Tweeting?

The Jets are off today with their bye week and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  With the team 3-5, the Jets have to hope that the Dolphins and Bills drop a game and the Patriots (just our luck) have a bye week as well.

So what are the players up to during this week off?  Well it’s been a tough week as many who are reading this have suffered at the hands of Hurricane Sandy.  If you are one of those unfortunate, I hope all is well and stay safe.

What the Players are tweeting:

TimTebow My thoughts & prayers go out to everyone effected by Hurricane Sandy. Please be safe & help each other through this difficult time. 10/30/12 12:09 PM


JBush Can’t wait to get back at it… #Jets 11/1/12 11:39 AM
Sapp55 Feels good to be here #Tampa 10/31/12 6:05 PM
TannerPurdum Stay safe everyone! Use your head and stay clear of Sandy! #goodjudgement 10/29/12 7:39 PM
nyjets Thinking of everyone affected by Sandy. Hope you are all staying safe. 10/31/12 2:36 PM
santonio10 Just because someone help you, doesn’t mean you FAIL, it just mean you’re not in it alone! 10/31/12 11:08 PM