My Experience and Thoughts on the Dolphins Debacle

My Experience and Thoughts on the Dolphins Debacle

Saying I was disappointed at yesterday’s game is an understatement.  Being a fan who was in attendance who had to witness that debacle, I’m more pissed than anything.  I’m pissed at Rex for being unable to get his team ready for a most hated rival.  I’m pissed at the special teams unit for laying an absolute EGG, and I’m pissed at the head office for failing to bring in the talent this team needs at offense.  Heck, I’m pissed at everything that happened in this game.

I get that injuries have put us for the most part in this position, but when you can’t plug in the next guy without a major drop in skill level, you’ll have what we have:  a poor team who is 3-5 going into the bye.

The crowd was into the game and very loud for about the first couple of plays of the game.  Once we racked up our second penalty of the first drive and the Dolphins hit their first field goal, the crowd simmered down, sat in their seats and I don’t think I saw the intensity for the rest of the game in a positive matter (more on that later).

I had to visit the facilities after the Dolphins scored and scurried up from my seats.  As I’m walking back to my seat as I got to my section’s tunnel I heard a major groan.  As I resurfaced down the steps, I see that the Dolphins had possession.  My Dad informed me when I got back that the Fins recovered an onside kick.  I think I let out a HUGE sigh.

The Jets failed to give Byrd a good game in support of his #90 Retirement Ceremony

Fast forward to the beginning of halftime.  I was seeing red but had to put that aside as I saw #90 Dennis Byrd being driven up to the center of the field to give his speech on the Jets retiring his Jersey number.  I was in tears for the speech because I remember the event like it was yesterday, and it just stirred up a ton of emotions.

I was in tears for the rest of the game for the garbage we the fans had to endure on the field for the rest of the game.  Someone asked me on twitter if I could take ONE positive out of this game and I had one answer:  Dennis Byrd.  That’s it.

I will say that the frustration from the fans have hit an all time season high (this is the other time the crowd was loud).  When I heard the booing that Mark Sanchez was getting, I wasn’t surprised, but the Tebow chants were deafening.  I had said this comment on twitter and I know some Mark Sanchez supporters were telling me it wasn’t that bad.

Um.  It was that bad.  It was loud, it came often in the 3rd quarter and the players even responded to it after the came.  Chaz Shiliens called the action BS, and Dustin Keller was a little peeved at the fans as well.

So now that I had the night to think about this team, here are my thoughts of what I think about our current status:

  • Rex Ryan is quickly losing this team.  He’s losing the trust from the fans as well.  It is so clear that Tim Tebow was Woody Johnson’s idea, and Rex has decided that he’s never going to give up on Mark Sanchez.  He is going to sink or swim with his career betting on Sanchez.
  • Mark Sanchez hasn’t been playing well, but to say that he is 100% the reason the Jets are failing is silly.  You are not watching the game or paying close attention if you think Mark is making all the mistakes.  Mark has no time to throw the ball and I’ll say it again, the talent around him is sub-par which includes the RB’s, WR’s and O-line.  The Offense is THAT bad.
  • Tim Tebow would not be able to save this team.  I don’t care what he did last year.  This is NEW YORK.  You think Mark is struggling with this team?  The type of offense Tim runs, which is mostly on the ground, would not fair any better.  Lighting doesn’t strike twice.  Sorry Tebow supporters.
  • I truly believe the future QB of this franchise is not yet on this team.  He probably is on some high school field right now.  I believe Mark wants out of NY, Tim would only be a band-aide and Greg McElroy is a good backup at best.
  • The way the team is now, if I was forced to predict the rest of the season, I would say that getting to 6-10 would be a challenge.  To be honest, I was saying this was going to be their record at the start of the season.  Does this prediction make me less of a Jets fan?  No, it makes me honest.