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Dolphins Players Feeling Good about their Win on Twitter; Address the Smack Talk

Dolphins Players Feeling Good about their Win on Twitter; Address the Smack Talk

There was a lot of talk before the Jets Dolphins game this Sunday.  Cromartie, Landry and Maybin were the most vocal on Jets putting spewing their venom towards running back Reggie Bush.  The Jets were saying that they were going to legally knock him out of the game.

I think the knock-out punch happened to the wrong team and the Fins walked the talk where the Jets just fell flat.  It PAINS me to see the Dolphins players gloating on twitter about our team’s play, but I have nothing.  The Jets gave us NOTHING to even come back.

If you are too pissed off about the team, reading the tweets might send you off into a different level so be warned:

SeanSMITH24 We let the Jets talk the smack, OUR Actions speak louder than words. #FinsUp Great Win! 10/28/12 7:02 PM
SeanSMITH24 Lol *DMX voice* “Talk is cheap muthafucka” (let’s off machine gun) RT @starks94: That’s what happen when you talk smack!!!! 10/28/12 4:58 PM
CarrollCity Staying humble and happy! 10/28/12 10:35 PM
68INCOGNITO Great TEAM win today. When we have Offense / Defense / Special Teams dominate we are tough to beat. 10/28/12 5:32 PM
MikePouncey@babytei02: @MikePouncey WOOOOOHOOOO GOOD Game, Next time punch dat fooh lmbooo” lol he had me hot 10/28/12 5:28 PM
Kold91 Talk is cheap…walking is expensive 10/28/12 5:17 PM
  • http://twitter.com/jetsyanks9 Jetsyanks9

    Dolphins should gloat. We are the laughingstock of the league. Time to wear bags on our head at games