Is it Fair to Blame Mark Sanchez for the Patriots Loss?

Is it Fair to Blame Mark Sanchez for the Patriots Loss?

According to all the media elite, the New York Jets had no business winning yesterday’s game in Foxboro. Although both teams were sitting at 3-3 on top of the AFC East, the Patriots were supposed to breeze through this game at home and CRUSH their most hated rival.

Mark Sanchez has been criticized for most of the season as not being an “Elite” QB in the NFL. Some argue that Mark has all the skill set in the world, but lacks the “it” factor to get this team over the hump.

Yesterday was such a game where the Jets were in the game to the very end and had such an opportunity to shock the Patriots in their own stadium where they hardly ever lose. On the last play of the Jets offense, Mark Sanchez took the snap and was sacked and then fumbled the game away, but was THAT the moment they lost the game? Is it FAIR to blame that loss solely on Mark Sanchez?

Some fans are saying it’s all Mark Sanchez fault the game was lost, well according to my Twitter timeline. Others are stating he played his best game of the season so far. So what is it?

  • On the last play, Mark backpedaled to avoid pressure up the middle from Jermaine Cunningham. Is his form the problem? Should he backpedal or should he stay in the pocket, step up, or leave the pocket via the side? It seems when Mark Backpedals, BAD things happen.
  • Mark went 28-41 for 328 Yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. Mark was hot in the first quarter, disappeared in the 2nd and 3rd, and went on fire in the fourth. Why the inconsistency? Is it Mark’s fault or are his receivers and/or O-line to blame as well? Stephen Hill’s drop was an obvious problem.
  • Is the problem the play calling? On 3rd and goal the Jets called a slant play to Chaz Shilens. I haven’t seen a play get more scrutinized as much as this one has so far in the season. You are rushing the ball down their throats and you go to a guy who is not proven and non existent. Can we PLEASE see Tebow.

If you ask Mark what he thinks of the Jets so far this year, he’ll tell you it’s something in the air?

It’s a weird year, There’s a lot of losses out there. A lot of things can happen. ~ Mark Sanchez

  • oiboyz

    Good post, getting right to the point. I voted “you can’t put all the blame on him.” But the bottom line for me is: could the Jets do better than Sanchez right now? I think Sanchez in his fourth season is inconsistent, like Tebow in his second season (last year). But Tebow won close games and Sanchez is losing them. I’d love to hear an expert break down this question: what can Sanchez clearly do better than Tebow?