Help this Jets Fan Document Every Game this Season

Help this Jets Fan Document Every Game this Season

How cool is this!?  A die-hard Jets fan from the community of is attempting to hit EVERY single Jets game this season, home and away to document the tale of the Jets fan.

Every fall, multiple weekends a season our friend Alex Young (AKA Roof, AKA LolaSportTalk) packs up from wherever he is living, and takes his camera to as many home and road games as he possibly can, documenting as much of the sublime and ridiculous he witnesses along the way.

Alex documents one fan’s day; from the traffic to the tailgate to the kickoff to the stalls and then all the way back again.  His is not that different every other fan’s experience, but it is Alex’s  uncanny eye and ability to capture the moment  which always comes through in his photo essays – which we’re proud to post links to every week here on TJB.  – Check out the Colts Game!

Alex doing his thing

My friend Brian, who runs The Jets Blog, asked me to see if I can help contribute to fund Alex’s trips.  Alex NEVER asked for help, but I appreciate what he’s doing and wanted to ask you, my loyal twit fans if you can contribute anything to help a fellow die-hard.

Here’s How to Help

Check out what Alex documentaries are about by heading over to his site to see the last game vs. the Colts.