Jets not convincing anyone — yet

Jets not convincing anyone — yet

It’s pretty clear the mainstream media isn’t buying what the Jets are selling. AFC East blogger James Walker called them a “pretender” on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd.” Bill Simmons called them terrible and awful and begged NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi to explain how they’re 3-3.

And then Wednesday, Jason La Canfora took it one step forward.


Once is coincidence, twice is a trend and three times is reality. No matter how much disgust Jets fans might have for the MSM, it’s hard to dispute all of them — especially if you watch the tape. The Jets have struggled against quality opponents, especially on offense.

After a week against a less-than-quality opponent, the Jets face a wounded, but dangerous Patriots team. Make no mistake, the Pats are beatable, but they are also well regarded among the MSM and its fervent followers.

If the Jets want respect, they have to beat the Pats, whether it’s by three, seven, or 21 points. But if the Jets put up a ”valiant effort” or put together a moral victory, like against the Texans, nothing will change — and nothing should change. These are not the Jets of two years ago. They get no respect because they’ve earned no respect. They deserve to be treated as a bad 3-3 team because they are (right now) a bad 3-3 team.

The only way to change perception is to make a new reality.