Jets Clobber the Colts, Players take to Twitter

Jets Clobber the Colts, Players take to Twitter

I like it when the Jets win for obvious reasons, but another one would be that when the Jets pull off a W, the players flock to twitter.

Here are some of the tweets after the Jets dismantled the Colts today from the Players, one super fan and one owner.

FiremanEd42 Funny my Twitter timeline very QUIET with Sanchez critics.A lot of positives NO negative The way I like it.If you were at the game.Isayzipit 10/14/12 6:47 PM
FiremanEd42 Papow Feel the power of the NFL! Now let’s get ready for the pats! Run the ball stop the run wins in the league where u play 4 pay#truthjets 10/14/12 6:52 PM

AaronMaybin51 A good day to be a #jet… 10/14/12 6:50 PM
AaronMaybin51 Making strides in the right direction. Good team win today. God is good #teamonamission 10/14/12 5:12 PM
woodyjohnson4 Great team effort today #nyjets 10/14/12 5:49 PM

NBELLORE54 Nice toss @TimTebow #SUPERMANDOE 10/14/12 6:20 PM

EllisLankster26 @NBELLORE54 @timtebow bro nick no moves lol 10/14/12 6:21 PM
NBELLORE54 @EllisLankster26 u mad 10/14/12 6:21 PM
EllisLankster26 Thank Jesus for the good game….and S/O to all my believers….in Jets 26 10/14/12 6:22 PM
mowilkerson Great team win today #jetnation #JETLIFE 10/14/12 6:32 PM
AustinHoward68 Proud of our team and our win today! We need to continue to make strides every week. The sky is the limit! #Jets 10/14/12 6:35 PM