Jets’ Matt Slauson taking a TON of Heat from his Hit on Brian Cushing

Jets’ Matt Slauson taking a TON of Heat from his Hit on Brian Cushing

Offensive guard Matt Slauson is taking a lot of heat for the play where he hit Brian Cushing low during the Monday Night Football game.  Brian left the game with a knee injury and then found out yesterday that his season is over with a torn ACL.  The Texans were ranked as one of the best defenses in the league and this obviously changed the landscape as Brian was a key part to the success of that defense.

NJ Native Cushing Leaving the Game

I get Houston fans being upset, and something tells me (my gut) that Matt will be getting TONS of hate mail with post stamps from TX.  How do I know this, well, an article I wrote last year about Matt Slauson (had nothing to do with football but Twitter) is getting hit hard and the comments are from Texan fans using some choice words to convey their true feelings.

Matt Slauson is not a popular player in the NFL and there aren’t many articles written about the guy.  When you google Slauson, you find my story and all the hate comes flooding into my site.

Remember when Jets guard Matt Slauson played with Ndamukong Suh at Nebraska, and was critical of his former teammate last year when he stepped on a player.  People are calling Matt a hypocrite but the two plays are NOT EVEN THE SAME.  Suh intentionally stepped on the guy, and Slauson’s play is LEGAL.  Aggressive, but not DIRTY.

“Somebody needs to get him under control, because he’s trying to hurt people,” Slauson said in an exclusive interview with the Post after practice Friday. “It’s one thing to be an incredibly physical player and a tenacious player, but it’s another thing to set out to end that guy’s career.” ~ Slauson’s quote last year on Suh


Rex Ryan came to the defense of his player on his radio appearance on ESPN yesterday:

“I would never question our guys as far as trying to injure someone or try and do something not in the confinement of the rules,” Ryan said on ESPN radio Tuesday via the Newark Star-Ledger. “I would have to say I would definitely question (the flack Slauson is getting), I never saw anything specifically I was just watching our game tape. I’ll say this – we got rolled up a few times in our game, and sometimes in this game you gotta be fortunate to avoid some injury.”

Packers linebacker Clay Mathews voiced his opinion on twitter during the game:

ClayMatthews52 If the NFL really wants to increase player safety, start protecting players on BOTH sides of the ball. 10/8/12 10:31 PM
ClayMatthews52 Where is the NFL’s protection on blocks below the waist like that on Cushing. Double standard! 10/8/12 10:31 PM
  • JR

    Funny thing is I saw this numerous times from both the Texans and the Jets with blocks going to the knees/ankles area. Get over it Houston fans, it happens all the time. Unfortunately Cushing got hurt. I have seen Clay Matthews himself throw shots at the same area.