Rex Says ‘Never Say Never’ on T.O. but per Cimini Source; Jets have NO interest

Rex Says ‘Never Say Never’ on T.O. but per Cimini Source; Jets have NO interest

With the Jets struggling at the WR position with injuries, there is a free agent name floating around that may be getting some legs as a legit signing.

Terrell Ownes tweeted the team DURING the Texans game where the Jets loss and clearing struggled at the WR position.

NFLRumorCentral Terrell Owens wants to be a Jet. Do the Jets want T.O. to be a Jet? 10/9/12 9:56 AM

Today, Rex Ryan chimed in on THAT tweet.

Per Rich Cimini however; he says that per his source, the Jets have NO INTEREST.

RichCimini Ryan gave the company line when asked about Terrell Owens (never say never), but I can tell you, #Jets have no interest in TO, per source. 10/9/12 1:44 PM
RichCimini Ryan also said he expects to go with “the same crew” at WR, suggesting no new WRs this week. #Jets 10/9/12 1:46 PM

My Opinion

Bring him in.  Is he ideal?  HECK NO, but look who our receivers are:  Jeremy Kerley, Jason Hill, Clyde Gates and Chaz Shiliens.  Stephen Hill has been injured. Honestly, at the start of the season, how many of these players did you know?!

Would I be happy with Terrell Owens on the Jets, NO, but what do we have to lose.  He says he’s in shape, so give him a workout and if he passes, pay him the vet minimum and play it by ear.  We control the cards, not TO.  He needs the Jets just as much as we need him but we are the only one’s that can pull the trigger.