Rex Needs to Let Tebow Play a Full Series

Rex Needs to Let Tebow Play a Full Series

This was a “beast” of a game.  The Jets had the opportunity to shock the Texans and they fell short due to missed opportunities and mistakes.  People were talking up the fact that this was the six hundred and sixty six game in Monday Night History (the number of the beast), and that Tim Tebow was going to save the Jets on National TV.

Hardly the case, but he did contribute and I feel that the guy at lest deserves a FULL series.  I’m not saying that Mark Sanchez needs to be removed as the starter, but with a team that is CLEARLY lacking weapons especially on wide receivers, why NOT let Tim try to make something happen.

Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t have Tim scripted for a full series.  Look at his play card.  Seems a little empty, no?

Look at the lack of plays! Maybe the Jets should give more to Tim.

It doesn’t matter who is the starting QB as the one play where Tebow went deep to Jason Hill early in the game.  He dropped a perfect pass from Tebow just as Jeff Cumberland dropped a pass in his hands to end the game.

  • In the Jets’ second offensive series in the first quarter, Tebow threw a lovely deep pass to wide receiver Jason Hill, who unfortunately could not come down with a catch. Sanchez took over on the next down, the offense went three-and-out, and the Jets were forced to punt.
RealSkipBayless Sorry, haven’t recovered from 1st Tebow pass, beautiful bomb that hit SHill in hands. DROPPED!? Would’ve brought house down. #TebowTime 10/8/12 10:13 PM
  • Tebow came in on a 4th down as Personal Punt Protector, took the direct snap and got the first down.
  • The Jets also showcased their Tebow red zone package for the second time this season, with Tebow faking a hand-off to Shonn Greene and busting toward the end zone for a 13-yard gain — his 13-yard run was the longest rushing game of the game. Sanchez took over under center two plays later and the Jets had to settle for a field goal.

Tebow finished the game 0-for-1 passing, with 19 rushing yards on five attempts. Tim has YET to finish a full series.  WHY DID THEY PULL HIM AT THE GOAL LINE.  I jut don’t understand the coaching decisions.

“I think each game you go in and you have a certain amount of plays, and whether you get to them or not, sometimes the game dictates it,” Ryan said. “Tim’s a guy that we think is a weapon and we need to use him.” ~ Rex Ryan

So with this quote from Rex after the game, why didn’t you use him at the goal line?

The New York Jets don’t use Tim Tebow effectively.  They should allow him to finish one series.  Why not?  I believe Rex doesn’t want the heat if he does well.  If Tim were to drive the team down the field with ease and score, you KNOW the calls for Tebow to start full time would get louder.  Just because you play him for one series does not mean you would be giving up on Mark Sanchez as a starter.

damienwoody I don’t want to hear any Tebow crap either! Mark played decent considering what he was working with #MNF 10/8/12 11:39 PM

We won’t know what we have if we don’t TRULY test drive the player.  I’m surprised that Tebow does that well considering that he comes into the game so sparingly and is able to make things happen.  I don’t think Sanchez would be able to do the same if roles were reversed.

Again, I’m not saying make the switch and start Tim Tebow over Mark Sanchez moving forward.  I just want Rex to let Tim play out a full series.  Is that too much to ask?


  • Gabriel T

    I think you are on to something Eric. Just like Bruce Dickinson needs more cow bell… we need more tebow!