The Jets Lose Holmes for the Season; My Thoughts

The Jets Lose Holmes for the Season; My Thoughts

With the news that Santonio Holmes is most likely lost for the season, I’m seeing many different reactions on my twitter time line.  Many are glad that he won’t be a possible headache for the rest of the season based on his past history, others cannot understand why everyone is so down on a guy who just got hurt who happened to be one of the best skilled positions on the team.

First off, I NEVER am happy about someone’s injury.  It’s no secret that Santonio Holmes isn’t my favorite player on the team, but when a player gets injured no matter the severity, I’m not celebrating.

My issue with Holmes has always been his attitude where it appeared to me that he always put himself first over the team.  We know all about him “quitting” on his team in last year’s finale and his alleged feud with Mark Sanchez.

Some of my followers were upset that Holmes flipped the ball up and gave the niners an easy touchdown even when he suffered this last injury and I have to give the guy a pass on that one.  There is NO WAY you can say he did that on purpose because he was selfish.  He suffered a season ending injury in that moment, who knows the pain he was experiencing.  You can hear me talk about it in my podcast.

Holmes and the organization made up in the off-season, largely because Holmes’ contract made him too difficult to dump. That’s why we’d expect him to remain with the Jets in 2013 despite the serious foot injury that should keep him out for the rest of 2012.


Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News notes that Holmes is due $7.5 million in guaranteed money next year. That’s a sunk cost. Even if the Jets wanted to move on from Holmes after his Lisfranc injury, his contract will likely prevent it from happening.

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There’s also no chance another team will want to trade for Holmes at that salary coming off an injury. The Jets and Holmes seem stuck together, for better or worse.

So with Holmes gone from the active roster, how will the team fair?  I personally think that losing your best weapon on offense is NOT A GOOD thing, regardless of how I feel about his attitude.  I believe that he was going to be a factor all season.  So now we have no choice to go with inexperience unless the Jets decide to make a trade and/or pickup a free agent.

RichCimini #Jets sign vet WR Jason Hill, per ESPN’s John Clayton. Holmes is done. Hill is WR who trash talked Revis before ’11 Jax game – and DNP. 10/3/12 10:55 AM

I also heard the argument that Holmes not on the roster will help Mark because he won’t have “Tone Vision”.  Many thought that Mark was forcing the ball to Holmes to avoid a backlash if he didn’t involve the receiver.  It was looked at that Mark was trying to appease Holmes instead of spreading the ball around.

I kind of think this wasn’t the case.  If guys aren’t open, then they aren’t open and you go with the best player, Holmes.

So with Holmes’ lost for the season, the Jets need to make moves.  If not they feel that they have enough talent to stay the course, whatever that may be.