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Fireman Ed Calls Santonio Holmes a “Selfish Bastard” on Twitter

Fireman Ed Calls Santonio Holmes a “Selfish Bastard” on Twitter

I think it’s safe to say that Fireman Ed is no fan of Santonio Holmes… All you have to do is look to his timeline on twitter to see that #42 thinks #10 is a Selfish Bastard.

Ed is critical of Holmes in this tweet because Holmes  threw the ball up which led a TD when he was injured on the play.  I’m on record saying that I have to idea how one should react when dealing with whatever pain he was experiencing.

Holmes’ has been criticized by the fan base and Fireman Ed because of his feud with Mark Sanchez, his quitting in the dolphins game and for me at least, his overall attitude which seems like he put himself over the team.

FiremanEd42 Now let’s see how #jets do without the ME guy #10,parting gift throw ball up for td selfish bastard! #6 Time to step up,nomore whining #10 10/3/12 8:06 AM

Are the Jets a better team without Santonio Holmes?