The 49er’s came to play and so did their Fans!

The 49er’s came to play and so did their Fans!

If you were at the game yesterday, what you saw on the field probably pissed you off as much as what you saw in the stands.  In the sea of red, Jets fans had to endure taunting, Niner chants and Tebow mockery.

First let’s address the “Tebow Chants” you may have heard from the game yesterday.  I can honestly say (because I was there) that when Mark Sanchez threw an incomplete pass from his end zone, there were boos followed by “Tebow” chants.  The boos did come from Jets fans, but the Tebow chants were from the thousands of 49ers fans.

They were chanting in a mocking way.  They were taunting Jets fans.  We were a mockery to them.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the video I TOOK.

Now did this 49er fan presence affect the game?  Probably not, but as a season ticket holder, YOU NEVER want to see something like this in your own house.  I can probably say that I’m just as pissed as the product on the field as what I saw in the stands.

You come into our house and MOCK us.  But you know what:  what can we say?  NOTHING.

49er Fans Mocking us with the Tebow

Now that’s a lot of Red

Who’s Home and Who’s Away?

  • Jerry

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  • bustemup

    that was sickening to see all those 9er fans how do they get tix whats wjriong with Jets fans I dont sell my tix unless a Jets fan gets them some one I know WAKE UP JETS NATION