Rex is pissed? What about the Fans?

Rex is pissed?  What about the Fans?

Where do the Jets go from here?  The obvious answer is up, right?  Have we hit rock bottom yet?  Do we need to make a change at QB?  Rex was as pissed as I have seen him after a game.

Think he’s pissed, how about the fans? Do you think we like spending our hard earned money to see that goose egg and worse yet, have to endure a sea of Red from the opposition’s fans. Where were the Jets fans?

Take a listen to my podcast this morning.

SportsCenter When asked about a potential Jets’ QB change, Rex Ryan said, “I think Mark is the answer… contract has nothing to do with it.” 9/30/12 5:40 PM
“I apologize for my language,” …

“I was going to say we got our butt kicked, but really …… there’s no two ways, in or outs about it.”


  • Jake Dawson

    There may have been more 49ers fans at the game yesterday than Giants fans at the Christmas Eve game. Between the lack of performance and effort by the team, Mark Sanchez’s “too bad” comments, and the sea of red we had to endure (those of us who went to the game), it was just an overall embarrasing day to be a Jets fan.

  • Jerry

    An absolute debacle. Anemic offense is putting it mildly Jets were actually helped on some penalty plays that created a few 1st downs. What a poor performance.