My Thoughts on the Jets Quarterback

My Thoughts on the Jets Quarterback

Let’s address the elephant in the room:  The Quarterback position.  No other position has been put under scrutiny starting from the first minute of training camp to now the awful performance put out by the Jets yesterday against the 49ers.

Are you happy with the play of Mark Sanchez?  Is Tim Tebow the answer?  Are fans REALLY calling for 3rd stringer Greg McElroy to start?

This is what you get when the Jets put up a total of 145 yards for the ENTIRE GAME and lose badly vs. the San Francisco 49′ers.

So let’s look at the Jets options:

Bench Mark Sanchez and Start Tim Tebow

So some Jets fans think Tim Tebow can do better.  The argument I constantly get is that Tim did this in Denver just around this time last year, with NO talent.  This seems like the same situation, but can lightening strike twice?

  • Is Mark solely to blame for the Jets lack of offense?
  • A terrible line all summer and preseason which improved a little.  But are they really that good?
  • The wide receiver depth has always been suspect, and with Holmes possibly injured for a while, what can the Jets do to help Mark out.
  • Mark’s favorite target, Dustin Keller has been sidelined.
  • NO BLOCKING tight Ends.
  • NO running game.  Shonn Greene is proving that he’s the third down back trapped in a starters body.
  • Play calling?  Where is this secret wild cat weapon we were promised?

Now I’m not a Mark Sanchez apologist.  He STILL looks like a dear in headlights, but what are the Jets and his teammates doing to help him out?

Is it really fair to put ALL THE BLAME on Mark?

Tim Tebow may or may not be the solution for this season but if you are thinking long term, I’m not so sure.  If you bench Mark Sanchez, kiss his Jets career goodbye.  You will NEVER see him take another snap as the starter ever again.  You may be ok with this, but if Mark is not the guy, I’m not convinced our future QB is even on the roster.

Greg McElroy the Starter?

I hear chants, tweets and everything else for Greg McElroy to start.  So who will he be throwing the ball to?  It’s so easy to blame the quarterback solely when there are offensive problems.  Mark has certainly contributed to this issue, but is he the main problem?

Tim is the Man?

Some argue that Tim Tebow will spark the offense and get the team going, but is that really true?  We lost our leaders on defense and offense in consecutive weeks!  Revis and Holmes are HUGE blows to a team that was struggling for superstars.

Is Tim the Long Term Answer?

I don’t think Tim Tebow could solve the problem.  If the Jets put Tim Tebow as the starter against the Texans, you are throwing in the towel for the long term future of the Jets under the Mark Sanchez realm.  The Jets will have to draft a QB in addition to RB, WR and offensive line.

You can’t convince me that Tim will excel with the same issues that Mark Sanchez has to endure.  We still have a suspect O-line, a JV Wide Receiving core, a struggling running game, no blocking tight ends, and the same offensive coordinator.  So how will Tim Tebow fix ALL those things???

Tim Tebow is a stop gap short term solution.  If you feel the season is lost, you go with Tim Tebow.  If you feel that Mark Sanchez is STILL the future, you keep him in as QB.

So what do you think?


  • mike

    “If you bench Mark Sanchez, kiss his Jets career goodbye. You will NEVER see him take another snap as the starter ever again.”

    that’s ridiculous. the jets can, and should, bench sanchez, even if they only make him ride the pine for one game. if you throw him out there after the three games he’s just put up, you’re basically saying that his performance has been acceptable, which it simply has not. bench the kid to send him a message: the kid gloves are off and if you fail miserably you will be treated like any other player who fails miserably.

    3.6 yards per attempt won’t cut it in the nfl. doesn’t matter who your #2 is. your starter simply cannot play that poorly. benching him is the only viable option.

    • poop

      stf^ come to buffalo n then cry bout the jets u have a good Qb n great dfense bills fans would luv to have sanchez n then poop on tbow lol be happy u have a Qb that can atleast compete even with no recievers n a horrid Rb giv me a fukin break