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Picture: Darrelle Revis already Rehabbing Injury

Picture:  Darrelle Revis already Rehabbing Injury

John Geiger, Darrelle Revis’ Manager / Friend / Roommate, posted this picture of the best Jets player already rehabbing the ACL injury.

Some people were asking me if he had his surgery already, and I would guess NO and I’m no doctor.  If I was guessing what he’s doing it’s strengthening the muscle and leg to get ready for surgery so that rehab is quicker, but again, I’m no doctor, I just play one on a blog.

JohnGeiger_ Rehab day 4. @Revis24 9/27/12 9:14 PM

There are no Day’s Off on Revis Island.

  • mikebe1

    Wow Is all I can say.

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