Rex Ryan has to STOP playing Mad Scientist

Rex Ryan has to STOP playing Mad Scientist

With the latest news of RUNNING BACK Joe McKnight being “traded” to the defense to now be a corner-back, I have to assess the situation of this move.  It’s not the first time that I have had to listen to Rex Ryan try to convince me that this is a good move.

We’ve been in this situation before when Rex tried to convince me that they were going to use Tim Tebow as a weapon on the offense.  How’s that working out?  Then Rex spent a lot of time and energy telling the fan base than Antonio Cromartie was going to be a WR.

We saw each of these scenerios play out… on the practice field, but not once did Cro line  up as a WR or Tim Tebow run an effective wild cat which includes THROWING THE BALL.

Rex, STOP playing mad scientist!

Personally, I hate that Rex is doing this.  Why on earth draft and stock the depth charts with players who play these positions if you are going to pull this move?  Antonio Cromartie is a CB.  Joe McKnight is a RB.  Yes both have struggled recently, but do you think you are going to build up their confidence by spreading them thin?

I know that McKnight is moving completely to corner-back.  I don’t think we will be seeing him as a running back for now.  He will still be on special teams, but now he’s going to a position he hasn’t played in years.  I HATE this move.

Can we put our trust in the players on the depth cart that actually play these positions?  And if you are telling me that they aren’t good enough, then we have bigger issues and I’ll point to the front office.  If you say that we have to put players out of position because we just aren’t good enough in depth, then we have an issue with Mike Tannenbaum, the guy who “buys the groceries”

Do you agree with me, or am I missing some benefit here by moving McKnight to corner?

  • Iain

    I’ll support anything he does as long as we win games.

    • Erik Manassy

      How do you like our chances the next two games?

      • LJ

        C’mon Erik, SF and Houston are 2 of the best teams in the league. Even if we still had Revis back, and somehow returned to form (Buffalo game style) these would still be very hard teams to beat, and any other team in the league would have to bring their “A” game to have a chance. I’ll be shocked if we win either one, but this stretch is the hardest on our schedule, and once this is over, we have a legitimate chance of making a solid run, as ling as the team doesn’t implode on itself like last season.

        • LJ

          And I think Rex has a very good idea of what he has in his corners, and beyond Kyle Wilson (or even before Kyle Wilson) there is a huge drop-off. McKnight wasn’t getting much playing time, and is a natural athlete, played CB a good portion of his football life, and might be able to help this D more than he helped the O.