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Way to use your Head Tim Tebow

Way to use your Head Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow finally used his  head in the game… No, I’m not saying he makes bad decisions as a QB.  I mean… well, just watch the video.

stephenasmith Tebow runs wrong route. Ball hits him upside his helmet/head. Lawd have mercy! 9/23/12 3:09 PM
RealSkipBayless Jets use Tebow on 3rd-3 as RECEIVER? Covered but Sanchez fires bullet, hits Tebow in helmet before turns head. NOT WHAT HE DOES. Just dumb. 9/23/12 3:12 PM


  • Courtnj18

    I hope football doesn’t go soft with the non-padded practices….I may as well continue to watch baseball :(

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