The Top 24 “Jets” Tweeters in the Past Year

The Top 24 “Jets” Tweeters in the Past Year

Ever wonder who the most influential people are on twitter in the Jets World?  According to my stats tool (Topsy), here are the elite of the elite for the past 365 days on the Subject of “Jets”.

This chart represents the most influential people who use the term “Jets” or “#Jets” in their tweets.  This doesn’t account for other tweets on the topic of the Jets if the term isn’t used.

Glancing at this list, I see some major beat writers, the big bloggers, and some super fans.

Do you follow everyone on this list?  Any surprises here?

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  • Iain

    I’m gutted that @ukjets doesn’t get on there. :(

    • Erik Manassy

      I didn’t select the list, it was generated based on the use of the term Jets.

  • Robert John Naeder

    damn i thought i was gunna be on this list! Follow ME!