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A Close Look of the Revis News Breaking on Twitter

A Close Look of the Revis News Breaking on Twitter

As you know by now the Jets lost their top player on the team, and the NFL lost the top defensive player in the league to a torn ACL.  I’m talking about Darrelle Revis.  Revis Tweeted this evening to Jets fans saying that he’s already on his way to recovery.

It’s very common for news to break on Twitter real-time as that’s how I hear most of my major news regardless of the topic.

I was curious of the twitter stats on the term “Revis” so I did some research and found out that yes, this injury was BIG news today in the sports world.

The man who probably is the most influential in breaking the news?  No not Rex Ryan, try Adam Schefter from ESPN.

This Tweet hit 4.7K in one hour

AdamSchefter Darrelle Revis: torn ACL. Done for year. 9/24/12 12:07 PM

Looks like ESPN corners the Marketing in Breaking Big Stories

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Last 30 Days, Opening Day the Most Activity for the Term “JETS”