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Video: Tim Tebow’s Vogue Photo Shoot

Video:  Tim Tebow’s Vogue Photo Shoot

Tim Tebow made Vogue magazine.  Why is this news, it’s not but if you are looking for a picture of Tim pushing a tire, HERE YOU GO!  Now ESPN obvsiouly thought this was an important story!

Maybe this is what Brian Hartline was talking about when he called Tim the Kardashian of Football!

I wonder if Skip Bayless already put up the poster in his office….

SportsCenter .@TimTebow poses shirtless for Vogue magazine. >> http://t.co/rsTWke23 9/20/12 9:46 PM
robinlundberg Tim Tebow appears shirtless again in Vogue magazine. The guy can’t even throw a shirt on. 9/20/12 2:04 PM

Funny Stuff

PeytonsHead First GQ, now Vogue doing a spread of Tim Tebow. He’s the new Tom Brady, if you take away the SB rings, QB skills, and baby out of wedlock. 9/20/12 1:50 PM