Dolphins’ WR Brian Hartline Reacts on Twitter to His Quote to the NY Media

Dolphins’ WR Brian Hartline Reacts on Twitter to His Quote to the NY Media

Dolphins Wide Receiver Brian Hartline spoke with the New York Media yesterday and SURPRISE it’s another player saying their quote was taken out of context.  Brian was quoted as to comparing the love and hype of Tim Tebow to that of the Kardashians and of course that made press everywhere.

Thank goodness there is twitter to set the record straight but what is taken out of context Brian?  You said what you said.  Nothing was taken out of context,  you’re just surprised that anything you can say in New York can make a headline.  Everything is bigger in New York, forget Texas.

Hey Brian, yes it is JETS WEEK and welcome to the media circus.  The only question I have is, did you really have to compare Tim to Kim?  You do realize that your boy Reggie is on the team, right?

“That’s you guys, how much you love [him],” Hartline said this week as his team prepared to host the New York Jets in Week 3.

“Everybody loves him, but the same people go with the Kardashians. I don’t know what they did, either,” the fourth-year wide receiver continued, according to the Sun-Sentinel. “They’re on [magazine] covers everywhere. I mean, honestly. I know they’re really good people, do a lot of charity work. I just don’t know how they got started.”

ShandelRich So the airwaves today and headlines tomorrow will be about @brianhartline comparing Tebow to the Kardashians, but I think Hartline was referring to the media and fan fascination of Tebow. And, of course, the second part of the quote, where he praised Tebow for being a winner at every level, probably didn’t make Twitterverse. 9/19/12 9:21 PM

Copying Tim?

What I find funny is that maybe Brian wants to be just like Tim and he is a little jealous.  I mean just look at the photo of Brian’s shirtless picture.  Remember Tim’s little run in the rain?

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