Bart Scott and Dan Leberfeld Brawl in Jets Locker Room?!

Bart Scott and Dan Leberfeld Brawl in Jets Locker Room?!

Leberfed Took Bart Scott’s Picture

So my twitter timeline started going nuts about Bart Scott and I couldn’t for the life of me put my hands around to what could have possibly happened today at the Jets facility.

Then the name Dan Leberfeld, writer and creator for Jets Confidential, was associated with the Madbacker for what almost was a locker room brawl today.

Kristian Dyer of Metro NY who was there to witness this has the picture and best account of what happened today!

KristianRDyer Bart Scott threatens writer in New York Jets’ locker room | Shutdown Corner – Yahoo! Sports #NYJ 9/21/12 2:47 PM

Scott was talking cordially with a member of the media, conversing and not on the record, when Leberfeld snapped a photo using his cell phone. Earlier in the week, Leberfeld did the same thing with Scott “because I’m doing a story on writers attempting to negotiate with him to end his media boycott.”


The media boycott by Scott predates the start of the regular season.


The photographic effort by Leberfeld was noticed by Scott, who asked, “Why are you taking my picture?”

Picture provided by Kristian R Dyer – Metro NY

“Because I wanted to,” Leberfeld answered. Scott then told Leberfeld to “Get a life.”


“I said to him, ‘I have a life’,” Leberfeld told Yahoo! Sports.


It was at this point when Scott then approached Leberfeld, pointed his finger at the reporter, and said, “I’ll kick the [bleep] out of you.”


According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, Leberfeld said that he’d sue Scott if Scott hit him, to which Scott replied that he didn’t care.


Members of the Jets media relations team separated Scott and Leberfeld, and the Jets linebacker was eased out of the locker room.


“Bart isn’t speaking to the media because of the tabloids who called the Jets a circus,” Leberfeld said. “But it was actually his friend Brandon Jacobs who started the circus talk this summer.”

I’ll kick the **** out of you!

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