Wife Lets Know Cro Screwed Up on Twitter

Wife Lets Know Cro Screwed Up on Twitter

Anotonio Cromarite has long been off of twitter and was always an interesting read, but during the game you obviously would not see any tweets from him if he was back.  Who was keeping me entertained at least was his Mrs. who took a page out of Rex Ryans’ Curse book.  The F-Bomb was dropped so much (Counted 11 F-Bombs),  I thought I was watching a George Carlin show.

Not so good

She dropped an F-Bomb to her husband seconds after her husband seemed to have a lapse and let Mike Wallace get the scoop to score on a TD from Big Ben on a prayer in the corner of the end zone.  She deleted the tweet but here is my RT with my comment seconds after it was tweeted.

e_man@iluvTERRICKA: F*ck Cro” >> lol from the mrs. 9/16/12 6:08 PM

Game Changer

iluvTERRICKA FYI new followers excuse my language during games….but it is football 9/16/12 4:42 PM
iluvTERRICKA I love when Rex cusses 9/16/12 6:27 PM
iluvTERRICKA F*ck hold on to the ball Guys sh*t 9/16/12 6:54 PM