The Steel Curtain Falls

The Steel Curtain Falls

It looked like the Jets were going to continue where they left off from week 1 against the Buffalo Bills when they took their first possession down field for what looked like an easy touchdown when Sanchez hit Holmes for six.  Then the Steelers made adjustments and that was the end of that optimism.

The Jets seemed to lose focus and make mistakes that came at critical parts of the game.  Antonio Cromartie’s coverage of Mike Wallace when Roethlisberger’s 37-yard touchdown pass on third-and-16 was a killer.  It looked like Cromartie was lackadaisical.   Jeremy Kerley’s inability to recognize a player bearing down on him and lack of judgment to not call for the fair catch resulting in a fumble.

What was the offensive problem:  Mark Sanchez, the Wide Receivers or Both?

Mark couldn’t have started the game any hotter but cooled off and finished the game 10/27 138 Yards and 1 TD.

On the opening scoring drive, a 90-yard march down the field, Sanchez threw short to the right to find Holmes for an 11-yard pickup. He threw Holmes’ way again, but the pass fell incomplete.

Holmes scored the only TD of the Day for the Jets on the first drive

Holmes followed up by drawing the pass interference from Taylor, an aggressive defender. That went for 12 yards, and then Sanchez found Kerley for the 45-yard completion. To cap the possession, Holmes slipped past Taylor for a 14-yard touchdown. via NYDN

The Receivers couldn’t get open?  Mark had time to throw as the line did a good job at protecting him.  Was this Mark being shaky and not pulling the trigger or did he not have open targets?

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Mark Sanchez

After 2 Games

“It’s a tough loss,” … “but it’s the same thing with Buffalo. You can’t get too high after a win, and you can’t get too low after a loss. Take it on the chin and move on.”

Where was Tim Tebow?

We saw Tebow in 10 snaps in week 1 and only 3 snaps on offense against the Steelers.  He didn’t get into the game until the third quarter and his first play was a 22 yard run.  He then stayed in the next two plays to hand off and he was done for the day.

Tebow played 3 snaps on offense

So much for the Wild Cat being guarded and a huge secret weapon.  I guess they are still guarding it for the Dolphins this week!

darrenrovell Thru the 1st 2 games, Tim Tebow has been responsible for 33 total yards of offense 9/16/12 7:32 PM

His lack of an appearance in the game has The Post Tabloids writing articles about what he eats.  Oh boy, great.

Quarterback Tim Tebow, who hungers to lead the Jets, put away no less than four heaping plates of food during a single meal at a New Jersey Italian restaurant recently.