Jets / Steelers: Tweets of Game

Jets / Steelers:  Tweets of Game

Some comic relief after a Jets loss.

I love twitter and these were some of the funnier tweets that popped up in my timeline during the game yesterday against the Steelers.  They deserved an instant favorite and now I’m sharing them with you.  Enjoy!

Actor from the Office Rain Wilson:

rainnwilson Ladies and gentlemen, The New York Jets! 9/16/12 8:08 PM

Super Fan Gary Vaynerchuck is very serious about his Jets.

scooterbraun Watching the #JETS in pain as @garyvee and @aplusk scream at each other. Entertaining misery. 9/16/12 7:17 PM

Joe’s tweet is worthy of a Tweet of the game, it’s the reply!  hahahaha

RealJoeNamath Jets O Line is lookin good! 9/16/12 5:07 PM
stopbeingfamous Joe Namath was on the Brady Bunch. Now he’s on twitter. 9/16/12 5:10 PM

C’mon Tim, you have work to do!

sportspickle Tim Tebow hasn’t made the Jets defense nearly as good as he made the Broncos defense. 9/16/12 7:19 PM

Former Jets Kicker Jay Feely making Jets’ fans happy by defeating the Pats for about 5 minutes until our game started.

jayfeely Glad we could make all you Jets fans happy. 9/16/12 11:39 PM

 The Jets are like Kimmy K

alpha1906 The Jets are the Kim Kardashians of the NFL. A lotta press coverage, but you really don’t understand why. #nfl #jets 9/16/12 7:06 PM

Fist off?  Stick to Radio Greeney, leave Twitter to us…

Espngreeny Fist off — the officiating in the #Jets vs #Steelers bordered on hilarious, I’m embarrassed for the league. 9/16/12 7:29 PM

So True, especially on Twitter!

LilMissNYJet Welcome back anger & annoyance filled Sunday Nights…… #Jets 9/16/12 7:16 PM

Newsroom Baby!

sorkinese –Do you consider yourself Democrat, Republican, or Independent? –I consider myself a New York Jets fan. 9/16/12 1:10 PM

 I have never seen this much of a man crush.

RealSkipBayless Jets had 1 chance, Rex blew it. Tebow ignited offense for 2 plays (22, 12) mid-3rd q down 10. Magic about to happen. Put Sanchez back in! 9/16/12 7:38 PM
RealSkipBayless Message for Rex: 9/16/12 10:32 PM