Revis Needs to Miss the Pittsburgh Game to Clear the Fog

Revis Needs to Miss the Pittsburgh Game to Clear the Fog

It is Friday and Darrelle Revis is STILL NOT cleared for contact after suffering a concussion against the Bills in week 1.  Revis admits that it felt like he was in a “fog” all week.

Revis said he feels pretty good now and wants to play, but what player do you know ever said that they don’t want to play.

He said he would go out there with a broken leg and I believe him:


“Whatever they say, goes,” Revis said Thursday, commenting for the first time since the injury. “I’d try to be out there with a broken leg. I’m sure they know that as well. It’s a competitive spirit in me that wants to go out and play. If I feel fine, which I do, we’ll go from there.”

Revis on the Bike this Week Credit:

New York Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis wants to play Sunday against his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers but acknowledged it’s not his decision — and he didn’t sound confident about his chances of being cleared by doctors after suffering a concussion last Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Via ESPN

nyjets #RL Rex Ryan says CB Darrelle Revis (concussion) cleared to resume physical activity by Jets trainers but will not practice today. 9/12/12 11:25 AM

My Prediction:  Revis DOES NOT Play.  Why risk the entire season if he gets hit again when he’s not 100%!  To me this is a no brainer.

The Jets need to keep Revis out of the game and go with Kyle Wilson.  Yes this hurts, but it’s time for other players to step up.

  • Julius Colón

    As much as it pains me to say this but i would not play Revis this Sunday just in case he gets hurt worse when he plays.. Id rather him out a game or 2 then the whole year..