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Jets’ Laron Landry: ‘We can be as Great as we Want to Be’

Jets’ Laron Landry:  ‘We can be as Great as we Want to Be’

What a great addition Laron Landry has been to the New York Jets.  I know this guy likes to bring the pain, but man if he can stay healthy all year, what an impact he will have on this defense.

Wednesday he was asked about the defense in comparison to the Steelers squad and here are some of his quotes.



Quote 1:

“We can be as great as we want to be,” Landry said. “I’m not about to turn it into a controversy, but I think we can win over them. I think we have all the pieces that they have, even better. To answer your question, I think we’ll pull it off.”

GregLogan1 Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said new #nyj FS LaRon Landry has “awesome demeanor. Personalities bleed over to others. It’s inspiring thing.” 9/12/12 12:56 PM

Quote 2:

“If you look at the starter at each position … I like the match-up. I choose my guys over any of their guys, especially in our defensive scheme.”