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Jets Players Tweet in Remembrance of September 11th

Jets Players Tweet in Remembrance of September 11th

Today the players took to twitter to give their thoughts in tweets about remembering September 11th and the loss of human life experienced that horrific day 11 years ago.

santonio10 Especially proud to be a JET today and part of this amazing city! God Bless those that lost loved ones and our 1st responders. #neverforget 9/11/12 3:24 PM

Here is a video I made one year ago from the footage I took of the 9/11 game opener in 2011 when the Jets took on the Dallas Cowboys on MNF.

Pouha91 Sacred Day. #NeverForget911 #GodBlessAmerica 9/11/12 9:57 AM
nickmangold Thoughts and prayers to those that were lost and to those who lost someone. We shall never forget. #USA 9/11/12 3:07 PM
TannerPurdum Never forget! 9/11 9/11/12 2:09 PM
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    Posts (and tweets) like these help to make this day little easier.