Stephen Hill is the REAL DEAL

Stephen Hill is the REAL DEAL

How excited are you about the play of rookie WR Stephen Hill?  A lot of people were starting to worry about his catching ability as well as the entire offense in pre-season.  The key here is it was PRESEASON.  Was Hill nervous for his first game, of course, but I think in the end we can say that Jets fans are excited he is on our team.

Like I said before and many times over, I think we have found our legit number one WR.

Rookie Stephen Hill, The Real Deal

Quote One:  “The real Jets is what you saw on Sunday,” Hill said. “We knew what we had and we knew what we were going to do, it’s just coach (Tony) Sparano didn’t want to open up certain things.”

Quote Two:  “Sanchez I felt that he dealt with it very well,” he said. “I feel like the whole team is dealing with it very well we really don’t go off of what outsiders say, we just go off of what we do in that locker room and what we do on the field and we just sticking together and the first game went well.”