Fireman Ed’s Gesture to Mark Sanchez

Fireman Ed’s Gesture to Mark Sanchez

About a Month ago in Canton Ohio, I confirmed what I already knew, Fireman Ed was going to change his infamous #42 Jersey to #6 to support Mark Sanchez for the 2012 season.  The information was burning a hole because I was sworn to secrecy from the man himself, Fireman Ed Anzalone.

Fireman Ed had gave a hint a month before that moment simply stating on the Hargz and Carter podcast that he was going to do something to support Mark this season.  I put out a tweet saying that I believed #42 was going to be replaced.  I didn’t get any reaction or reply from Ed so I let it die knowing that I was going to eventually find out if I was right.

Ed has never worn any number than #42 …. UNTIL now.

That hot summer day in Canton Ohio at the Hall of Fame minutes before the ceremonies were going to begin, I met up with Fireman Ed for a couple of brews and to talk Jets football.  As everyone was getting settled in, I turned to Ed and said, “Hey, so was I right with my tweet?  Are you going 6?”.  He pulled me aside and said “OFF THE RECORD, and I’ll kill you if you leak it, Yes you got it right”.  Hey Ed, I kept my promise. ;)

Here is a picture I snapped with my iPhone when Ed did his chant from my row (15) during the 4th quarter of the Bills game.

This  tweet popped out a day before the Sunday opener against the Bills.

FiremanEd42 If there is or was any question on my support of #6 Mark Sanchez, there won’t b after tommorrow! #42 is in my heart and NOW so is #6 #truth 9/8/12 9:11 PM

I was fired up because think about it.  This is sending a message to the world that one of the biggest known Jets fans is making a bold statement that he believes in the QB everyone is trying to doubt.  Mark really proved the doubters wrong in this early season by probably playing the best game of his career for a regular season.

Don’t think Fireman Ed was fired up yesterday.  After the game, he put this out:

FiremanEd42 Clowns, will show u Clowns! One game, anybody thought we weren’t in the mix think again. Where in the mix! POW! POW! #jets united POW! 9/9/12 8:42 PM

Fireman Ed firing up the crowd from my row!


  • shari white

    Fireman Ed makes me proud to be a Jets fan. His chant is and always will be music to my ears! As for Sanchez led the Jets, yesterday they set a franchise record for points scored in a season opener. Something tells me this is the start of something good!