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Rex on Tebow Chants: “I don’t Care What I Hear”

Rex on Tebow Chants:  “I don’t Care What I Hear”

 Rex Ryan said Thursday he’ll have his starting quarterback on a long leash — no matter how much noise is made for Tim Tebow.

MMehtaNYDN Rex on possible Tebow chants: “I don’t care what I hear. There is only 1 guy that ultimately would make a change at QB” 9/7/12 9:29 AM


Rex Ryan
I don’t care what I hear,” Ryan told the New York Daily News. “So it doesn’t matter. They can yell, they can do all they want. Mark is our quarterback and that’s just the way it is. Am I excited to have Tim here? Of course. Because I know we brought in an outstanding football player. I knew that from day one and that’s the way it is.” Via CBS
Rex Ryan About being the BOSS

On behalf of all (or most) Jets’ fans:  Thank You Rex!