Book Review and Giveaway: SPYGATE, The Untold Story

Book Review and Giveaway:  SPYGATE, The Untold Story

The Jets won’t play the New England Patriots until October 21st but I wanted to talk about a book I just put down and let me tell you that is was SUCH A FASCINATING READ!

When I go around my office, online or anyone I run into, I ask people if they know what “Spygate” is?  They say it was when the Patriots were caught taping the Jets defensive calls on the sideline.  I follow up with “Is that it?”, and the answer is pretty much that’s it.

I thought that what it was all about as well.  What I know about spygate is from what the media and the NFL covered about it.   Bryan O’Leary wrote a book by the same name “Spygate The Untold Story” (Buy the Book Now!) and let me tell you something:  My jaw stayed open for most of the book.

I was completely shocked on what spygate actually what Bryan claims it to be and he uses factual sources from the players that played in this system, the coaches that implemented the system and statistics that will blow your mind on how can the Patriots defeat the craziest odds.  The only way a team could be this successful in today’s NFL is if they were / are cheating!

This scandal was so under reported and down played by the commissioner of the NFL because it attacks the very core of the league.  The author starts off by  telling you the history of the “players” involved.  He lays down the argument that it doesn’t matter what kind of coaches they bring in with no experience, they will always succeed.   It doesn’t matter who is at the control of QB, they will succeed.

The Patriots say they have no super stars on the team, and that they can rotate anyone in at any time and be successful.  AND THEY WERE.  How can that be and only work for New England?  What’s in the air up there?  Well, let me start by saying hidden cameras AND hidden mics.

I don’t want to give away all the secrets of the book, but I will talk about the one that shocked me the most.  You know that green dot on QB’s helmets?  That let’s the league know that those helmets are equipped with a transmitter where a coach can talk to the QB to relay the plays but then it is cut off seconds before the game clock expires.

2 Transmitters?

The Patriots helmet for Brady has a tweak.  It had a hidden transmitter that could not be picked up by the league.  Someone was talking to Tom during the entire game.  They were talking to him DURING the game.  So there is Tom in his five step drop, and someone yells into his helmet “Look RIGHT, Moss is open!” or “Tom, step up, your about to be sacked!”.

My JAW DROPPED.  How did this author know this was happening?  One of their own former QB’s outed the practice.  Doug Flutie said in an interview once that he picked up the wrong helmet to put to his ear when he was on the sideline, and was shocked to learn that the person talking didn’t cut out but continued during the play.

This is JUST ONE example of how the Patriots cheated, and for all we know, are still doing it today!

You are going to have to buy the book to learn how the Patriots really won those rings.

I’m Giving away one SIGNED Copy of Spygate

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Once you complete all steps, you are in the running to win the book. I’ll pick the winner on Sunday and announce it on the blog and twitter and will contact you via twitter.

I’ll be giving out multiple copies

  • EProvosty

    Deffinately next top reciever…Go Jets

  • Chris F

    Flutie never said that, total BS. Google Flutie Spygate he dispels it

    • John

      I don’t think that’s legit. He had to because he feared the repercussions.