More Jets Roster Moves with Players Reactions from Twitter

More Jets Roster Moves with Players Reactions from Twitter

Yesterday evening was an interesting on twitter as I was sitting down after dinner and the beat writers starting blasting out updates about the Jets.  The Jets made on the D-Line, our Punter and we lost a beat writer.

Marcus is Back!

Marcus Dixon was re-signed to the team after being released in a surprising move..  Hers are tweets from the player and his agent.

Tweets from Marcus’ agent (also represents Josh Baker – TE who was hurt in preseason this year):

HowardShatsky He’s Back! @MarcusDixon94 #Jets 9/4/12 6:19 PM
HowardShatsky @MarcusDixon94 and I thank all the Jets fans for their warm welcome back-I wish we could tweet all of u individually! #PlayLikeAJet 9/4/12 8:19 PM
HowardShatsky Today is good news day! Spoke to @ShakeNbakes45 the doctor said his knee isnt as bad as originally thought! 9/4/12 8:21 PM
HowardShatsky One of the first calls I received to congratulate @MarcusDixon94 was from @ShakeNbakes45 Josh Baker is a class act! #TeamPFM 9/4/12 8:22 PM

 T.J. Conley is Cut

Tweet from his agent:

TheTitanGrp DAMMIT 9/4/12 3:39 PM
DWAZ73 Tough side of the biz rears ugly head again. Would’ve been better for Conley if #Jets had just cut him before the weekend. 9/4/12 4:46 PM

Jenny Vrentas Leaves Team Jets

Oh and Jenny Vrentas, beat writer for The Star-Ledger is changing teams by moving from the Jets to cover the Giants.  Many fans were freaking out because they feel she was the most unbiased writer who didn’t get caught up in the Tebow-mania hype and covered great football stories.

JennyVrentas Jets fans, thanks for following, reading, responding and engaging over past 2 yrs. Been quite a ride. Your feedback has been so appreciated. 9/4/12 6:27 PM
JennyVrentas @kristinereese @e_man @craiglaurasam always enjoyed hearing from each of you… thanks for the feedback. 9/4/12 7:26 PM