Video: Dina’s Party Jets’ Cameo

Video:  Dina’s Party Jets’ Cameo

I announced last December that my Father and I were to appear on HGTV on “Dina’s Party” as tailgating experts.  Here are the episode details.  We had a great time filming it and the show aired yesterday night.

I want to thank everyone for the kind words who tuned in and had great things to say!  For those that were not able to tune in but asked me about the replays, I was able to cut the video to YouTube.


Twitter Reaction

BXMLefty23 @e_man Congrats to you and pops on making the tv show! See you next week. #L7 9/2/12 11:42 AM
demonx06 @e_man also I saw your spot on the show last night.well done 9/2/12 11:30 AM
jets_17 @e_man just watched recording of your show. nice job! wondering if there will be any follow up appearances on letterman, leno or fallon? 9/2/12 10:48 AM
twinpapa1 @e_man you and your dad represent our nation well! Just watching now. 9/2/12 9:32 AM
oOoOoBarracuda @e_man You guys were awesome!! Looked like happy die hard members of #Jetsnation!!! 9/1/12 9:25 PM
SuzanneVara @e_man seems like a lot of die hard JETS fans tuned in to see you and pops on HGTV tonight. I bet we spiked the ratings! LOL 9/1/12 9:22 PM
TimTebowFanClub @e_man I saw the show. Loved seeing you and your father. Very cool:) 9/1/12 9:17 PM
AlyssaLang34 @e_man we liked it! mom was very excited, she loves Dina ;-) the L7 presence was AWESOME! can’t wait to experience it in December 9/1/12 8:39 PM
Nacarano The ONLY time I’d watch #HGTV is if a fellow #jets fans are on, like @e_man and his Pops. Way to represent #JetsNation! Nice job! 9/1/12 8:37 PM
MrCanuck78 @e_man u had smiles on the show with u :) that’s cool :) 9/1/12 8:32 PM
JTull_fan @e_man Will they show this again? I missed the first 2 minutes. 9/1/12 8:02 PM
sportsreppin TEBOW has competition! Take that @ESPN@e_man: Lol, there it is…” 9/1/12 7:52 PM
thejoephis @e_man the red paint gotta go 9/1/12 7:46 PM
HaleyDuquette @e_man You and your dad are so cute!!!! 9/1/12 7:41 PM
AlanLern @e_man @l7smiles we’ve had croissants at the tailgate? Lol 9/1/12 7:40 PM
luvthejets @e_man you did great! I want Dina to do that for me!!!!! 9/1/12 7:39 PM
Double_O_Six @e_man not home but recording it. :) 9/1/12 7:39 PM
GradyB1 @e_man watching it. Very cool 9/1/12 7:37 PM
AlyssaLang34 watching @e_man on Dina’s Party on HGTV! #Jets #HGTV 9/1/12 7:37 PM
JoshElkin @e_man I went to the bathroom! Fckkkkkkk lol 9/1/12 7:36 PM
hartjoe1 @e_man Nice I got the same style grill I tailgate with!! 9/1/12 7:36 PM
Ferraro41 @e_man Dude! Awesome! That was so cool! 9/1/12 7:34 PM
RitaMarieMD @e_man I see you ! Very cool 9/1/12 7:34 PM
luvthejets @e_man watching it right now! 9/1/12 7:32 PM