Theismann Says Sanchez Needs to Show Some Spine – I agree

Theismann Says Sanchez Needs to Show Some Spine – I agree

Everyone has an opinion on the Tim Tebow / Mark Sanchez supposed QB controversy these days, and you can add Joe Theismann to the list.  Joe’s beef is with Mark Sanchez stating that the 4 year QB needs to grow a spine and you know what.  (I can’t believe I’m saying this, I agree).

e_man Theismann to Sanchez: Show some spine — > Wow I think I may agree with Joe for the first time. 9/1/12 11:38 AM

I define having a spine in a different way though.  My spin is that Mark needs to keep his head up, confidence level high, and act like he owns this team.  Stop stepping aside and allowing Tebow to step on your turf.

Apparently these days in Jets nation, if you disagree with your fellow fan, you get accused of taking something.  Just so you know @salmon48, I’m not on a drug but high on optimism for Mark Sanchez.

salmon48 @e_man What drugs are you on? I just wrote this on the subject 9/1/12 11:41 AM

Maybe I’m missing something, because that’s quite literally exactly what Sanchez has been saying this entire offseason. Maybe Theismann really wants Sanchez to throw Tebow under the bus. And can you imagine if he did that? Imagine the headlines, “SANCHEZ SAYS TEBOW IS GARBAGE; TEAM IS IN DISARRAY!” That would be public relations suicide. And yet, that’s what so-called “analysts” like Theismann want. Of course they want it; it creates headlines. In that regard, he’s in a Catch-22. If he bashes Tebow, the team looks like it’s falling apart. If he doesn’t, he’s being too nice and not assertive.


But it doesn’t reflect the truth. And the truth is that Sanchez has completely taken over this offense this offseason. It truly is HIS huddle. With a weak offensive line, a revolving door of receivers, and a questionable run game, Sanchez has still shown a command of the offense, throwing for nearly 70% completion percentage, in contrast to his usual 55% regular season average

My fellow blogger’s main gripe is that it creates headlines and I would have agreed with you in the beginning of the season that this is the approach that Mark should take, but now that the season started and living through 4 pre-season games, it’s on.

No MATTER what Mark does or says will make headlines and I’d rather him make them for being a bull than a chicken.  Step up and take your turf back.  This is Mark’s team until deemed otherwise and Tim is one tool in his arsenal.  Plain and simple.

I think he also needs to do it for the Jets fans that truly support him and do not want him to fail.  We have to spend every single minute defending him to the “Tebow fans” who want to see Mark fail.  As I state often, not all fans who like Tebow are in this boat.  You know who you are so you can relax.

The fact of the matter is that we are ALREADY a circus.  We are ALREADY making stupid headlines.  So let’s go all-in and have Mark take control 100%.  All the true Jets fans want it.  I guarantee you the first time he says what Joe wants him to say:

“I’m the starting quarterback and it’s great to have Tim here to help us win football games.”

Jets nation will rise to their feet and cheer in epic proportions.  The Key word in Joe’s statement to Mark is “help us win”.  HELP.  This is Mark’s Team and he needs to shout it from the upper deck so there is no mistaking who’s team this truly is.

  • timmaht

    I think it really boils down to perspective. “Showing some spine” is a rather subjective idea. I don’t think him not holding multiple press conferences a week to reaffirm he is the starting QB would constitute “showing spine” or not.

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  • mappy74

    Hey Jackass! If Sanchez plays well, he doesn’t have to say anything. Stop trying to fabricate drama like the rest of the media.

    • Erik Manassy

      Thanks. Have a nice day.

  • poop

    tbow sucks sanchez is a real qb quit cryin ur lucky for sanchez n a real good defense n your team is to good to get a good Qb in the draft so quit dreaming either stay with sanchez or your doomed (billsfan) damn near beat houston with shitstains give me a break come to buffalo then u can cry