Erik on Dina’s Party Tonight on HGTV 7:30PM EST

Erik on Dina’s Party Tonight on HGTV 7:30PM EST

Last November I let you know that my Father and I had the honor of helping out Dina Manzo for her show “Dina’s Party” on HGTV.    The show will air tonight at 7:30PM EST!!  Set your DVRs! ;)

e_man I’ll be on HGTV tonight at 7:30 pm est on “Dina’s Party”!! Tune in to “Dina and the #Jets” 9/1/12 7:38 AM

It was originally supposed to be a special episode to be played during Super Bowl weekend, but there was a last minute change and it made it into season 2.  Below is the description from the official site and where they say “mingles with some expert tailgaters”, that would be my father and I.

DanielleAmbro @e_man Can’t wait to see you guys on Dina’s Party tonight! Loved working with you for this amazing #NFL episode! #Jets #Jets #Jets 9/1/12 10:52 AM

Dina sitting on our tailgate truck. If you’ve been to L7 the last two years, you should recognize this!

Get ready to rumble! In this special episode of Dina’s Party, designer/event Planner Dina Manzo and her team bring an over-the-top tailgate extravaganza to the backyard barn of some die-hard football fans. To plan for this unique “homegate” party, Dina tours the New York Jets’ state-of-the-art training facility, mingles with some expert tailgaters, and rummages through a gritty junk yard in search of cars that can be cut in two and used as an actual buffet. Creativity and fun are the name of this game as Dina surprises these super fans and their friends with a stadium-like party atmosphere complete with AstroTurf floors, a massive viewing screen surrounded by a goalpost and the rousing cheers of the real Jets’ cheerleaders. Grab your jerseys, it’s game time!