Jets Players Tweets about being Released Today

Jets Players Tweets about being Released Today

Today is cut day, and some of the players have been notified about being released from the New York Jets. 

There were rumors and speculation this morning but the Jets put out an official list THUS far.   Here are some tweets from those affected today:

jetswhispers Cuts leaked to reporter before some players notified 8/31/12 9:38 AM
jetswhispers Cuts should not be leaked until all the players are notified. 8/31/12 10:40 AM

JayRichardson99 Special thanks this morning to #Jetsnation and all the supporters! looks like my time with you guys is done! time to go where im needed! 8/31/12 9:55 AM
MulaNeverSleeps Wanna thank the Jets for the opportunity this isnt the last stop for I’ll continue to grind…. ✌✌✌ NYC 8/31/12 8:21 AM

MarcusDowtin Thanx to #JetNation for the support. Going to continue to work hard & prove myself. Learned a lot & enjoyed being a Jet. #NoDowtinMe 8/31/12 12:51 PM

BigDame900 Thanks for the support everybody! No matter what happens tomorrow I love y’all and it’s #JetLife till the next life always! Much appreciated 8/30/12 10:33 PM

  • Roxanna Andrews

    Always a sad day when guys are cut. Always feel so bad for them. Hope they all find a new home.

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  • Joe

    Suprised we cut Dixon. But even more shocked he cleared through waviers and can’t find work on any team!